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Where Do U Stand

If an election is held today, who do vote for? (in this minority govt u never know)  

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  1. 1. If an election is held today, who do vote for? (in this minority govt u never know)

    • Paul Martin - Liberal
    • Stephen Harper - Conservative
    • Jack Layton - NDP
    • Gilles Duceppe - BLOC
    • Jim Harris - Green
    • other

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I would vote NDP, regardless of the fact that they overly left-leaning. Liberals under Martin (who, lets face it, is the most fiscal responosble prime minister we have had in quite a while) aren't bad, but it's still the Liberals.

Conservitives are jokes, plain and simple, they lean right in all the wrong places and left and all the wrong places.

Greens aren't exactly bad, I feel like they would be a good oppisition party if they stuck to their hippie roots.

Bloc would be nice, if they weren't such assholes milking Ottawa for all it's worth with threats of seperation.

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kwas is right though


except the ndp are a slighty in second for me after liberals simply because theyre whiny babies


then again, i agree with what the liberals stand for but i dont agree with some of the policies they actually put in place

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You know, i hate how some Liberals were trying to scare us away from NDP and Green, saying that it would leave less votes for the Liberals, meaning a conservative victory, but fuck that. Over the course of the four year term of government, each party receives $8. Even if your party looses, they benefit form your vote.

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The N.D.P., provinicially, only makes a bad situation worse. The N.D.P. spends money we don't have. By spending more than there is now, less is left for the people of the future. Has so many people forgotten the Fast Cat Ferries Fiasco? Gordon Campbell and the rest of the B.C. Liberals have made tough cuts, but cuts have to be made. When kitchen staff in hospitals are making more than the national average, a roll back is not un-fair, it's keeping us with the national average. Doctors, and Nurses make more money in B.C. than any where else in Canada. Nurses received a nice bonus recently even. Under the B.C. Liberals, health care spending has actually increased not decreased. The last time the teachers wanted to strike for money, the B.C. Liberals drew a pie chart, and said "this is the budget for B.C., roughly." they proceeded to ask the union "where do you want us to cut?". The Union refused to make those cuts that would affect other unions. The N.D.P. mismanaged money, money was being used ineffectively, and often in the wrong areas. The B.C. Liberals made cuts and have re-directed the money elsewhere to have it used more effectively. They haven't given into unions demands, when the N.D.P. did, strikes, especially in the education system, happened far more often. Business is beginning to boom in B.C. thanks to what the Liberals have been doing. Is this really the time to turn over the wheel to a government who never helped create any real jobs in B.C.? Or do Fast Cat Ferries count as creating real jobs?

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Update: The Liberals are in more debt and digging deeper faster than the NDP before them were.


Effective my ass.

The Liberals have a balanced budget, now that they have that they can begin to bring in more business. Tax dollars that come in from increased business can be used to pay off the debt.

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