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Jackpillowhead Down?

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No matter what, someone will always be attacked for their opinion. It doesn't matter if they are Matthew good or not.

No one should let those people interfere with their plans no matter how aggressive they are. I find the best way to deal with it, is to ignore it. That means, don't even bother reading any emails from people who can't express their own opinions in a proper way.


If anything, I feel sorry that Matthew continues to allow the people to harass him.

I’m sure the support over comes the abuse even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes.

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it's not just that he's being attacked it's that it's doused in someone's prejudice. today i read his blog and he says he feels stupid for not realising that there are going to be people who can't afford to pay for access to his blog.... so hopefully he'll find some moderators and it will work out.

please don't lose your faith in humanity, sure there are a lot of hicks out there, but there are still a bunch of good honest and intelligent people in the world. if you look you'll find them.

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