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new matt good album out this spring

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Lyrics for Empty Road: http://www.nearfantastica.com/lyrics/song.php?id=75


Lyrics for Dusk (probably not going on album): http://www.nearfantastica.com/lyrics/song.php?id=78


Lyrics for Can't Get Shot in the back if you don't run (not on album but released on mg.net): http://www.nearfantastica.com/lyrics/song.php?id=76


Update: This week the new record was mastered in the UK and everyone in the MG camp is excited to get back to work. As soon as we know when the first single is going to be released, we’ll be sure to let you know.




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It's official,

Track Listing Update:


Put Out Your Lights

Poor Man’s Grey

We’re so Heavy

Empty Road

Alert Status Red

Little Terror

In Love With A Bad Idea

A North American For Life

Blue Skies Over Badlands

It’s Been A While Since I Was Your Man

Buffalos Even

Expats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra

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it DOES sound different... yet familair ;)


some stuff sounds like it'd have been perfect for Avalanche, some for back in the BM days... some new.. and some thats like "what!?, i thought this style for Matt would suck, but it doesnt!!! awesome!" hahaha

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Sorry I was just looking at old threads and I thought it was interesting to look at what was said about the album back then before it was out.


Yeah I suck. ;)


Sorry again. *goes and sits in the time out chair to think abut what he's done*

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