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Please stop asking for Reliance, Should've Been A Super Villian, William Sits In Avalon, The Jangolier, and Full Moon In Pisces.


Nobody has them. It is highly likely that these songs are even available in MP3 or any other format, so please stop asking for them.


Thank you. <3

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but knowing Kazaa it was just the wrong name on another song. And of course it found a file, but no user source (wtf?).


I hate Kazaa.

oh, you didn't hear? kazaa is the devil.


get limewire, it's mildly better. or ares, but i use a mac powerbook for school so i can't get ares.

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From Second Year Anniversary Manifesto:





I wrote this initially as an encore number that I could perform by myself. Unfortunately, I wrote it in an open tuning on a guitar with three missing strings and that’s just too much of a hassle.


Bet dark

fake smile and wave

I’m guessing that you’re not the same

and there it is

sometimes you get one right

maybe enough to last you for your whole life



The man I walk as is the man I hate

a fire coal, the prize fighter mold, if the bull is gold

I don’t know, but there it is

I’ve seen you fall, I’ve seen you break

I held your head when the world was sold and calmed the coma

calmed the coma

cause all there is

is reliance


Our trick savior

my black monkey heart

I concede the second part

and there it is

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