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I Wasted Nf On That New "free Download" Song

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Matthew Good is made awesome by his deep lyrics, melodic guitar pieces, and nicely put together songs. The new songs lack all of that. Now, I'm sure he is just letting loose and doing his own little thing....It just sounds awful, and I ended up wasting $NF on that Free Download song....which shouldn't have cost $NF in my opinion. It really wasn't worth it. A lot of us have to learn that just because it's Matt Good writing a song - doesn't mean you can't be critical about it. You have to judge it like you would any other song....and if I had to judge this song, I would give it a big fat "No Need".

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1) Well need to charge NF$ on downloads to control the bandwidth usage.


2) It was more of a satire. Like I said on the news post, it sounded like something BonTempo would've released also.


This post is somewhat ironic as the song is about things like this.


What do you expect it? It's a free download

What did you expect from a free download

Maybe when they've mixed it it will sound better

Can't you record professionally please?

I'm not so sure about the new musical direction

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i don't see us making high calibre music, so who are we to judge?


i think artists should be allowed to do whatever they so choose without criticism. i highly doubt that matt would go around criticizing you for what you wear or something. i guess music critiquing isn't really meant for someone like me, who just appreciates everything for what it is. i enjoy all of his stuff. sure, some i prefer more than others, but that's personal preference. just appreciate it for what it is.


and yeah, i understand the nf$ concept. makes perfect sense. which means i need to accumulate more.




i hope i make sense.




if you have a difference of opinion, that's fine. i'll respect your opinion even if i don't agree.


why don't we just appreciate the song for what it's worth?

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Just wondering about the comment that the NF$ is needed to control bandwidth... but what about people just spamming or only posting enough to get enough to download the song(s) they wanted? Obviously, that's going to be less bandwidth than a ton of people just downloading the track, but perhaps there could be some other system than just basing it on posts.


That said, I only need a couple more posts to get this track, but I'm not spamming and will be coming back to post even after I get it...

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