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Sexual Preference Education

What do you think of the whole teaching both homosexual and heterosexual lifestyles thing in school?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the whole teaching both homosexual and heterosexual lifestyles thing in school?

    • Yes. I'm for it.
    • No. I'm against it.

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in light of something i read on the xmas/christmas/other thread... specifically, this response...


Regardless, with schools and other public institutions, I figure it should be all or nothing. To exclude Christianity is completely unfair, so it would only be right to either allow it, or to exclude everything else along with it.


makes sense to me...


here's my take on society.


sure, we live in essentially a christian based society. deny that if you choose to, but we do. a lot of our laws and opinions come from underlying influences from that sort of thing. i'm generalizing, so don't shoot me down... just let me get to the point, then feel free to rant.


so, what do you think of teaching both hetero and homosexual lifestyles in schools? this is a rather hot button topic, to put it that way... kinda like all those things that go against tradition. you name it, the whole against the anthem thing and all those other objections. there've been things in the news where various religious sectors want to impose their beliefs into law or be exempt from certain things, etcetera. i'm not saying other religions or anything... i guess i'm generally referring to basic imposition of your beliefs on others.


i don't think we should impose things on others, regardless of how 'right' we think we are. we all have to live here. there's no sense in fighting over everything. accept each other's differences. revel in them. that's what makes everyone unique and interesting. different.


yeah, go ahead and rant about any imposition on others.


be it the abortion/christianity issue, the 'self government' of muslims or aboriginal peoples, or anything else that comes to mind... maybe even... this topic?


i don't mind. i just want to see what you guys think.


that's where i stand. i hope i made sense.


edit: all things in moderation. balance is key. never substitute one extreme for the other.

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I'm not quite sure what is meant by, "teaching a homosexual or heterosexual lifestyle." I think the only lifestyle that's part of a typical school curriculum is the abstinence which they encourage in health class, which I happen to believe is prudent regardless of your preferences. Presently, they don't impose either lifestyle choice in most schools.


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A lifestyles class should have any particular preference. However, in most homosexual relationships the only risk is disease, for which prevention methods are discussed. The heterosexual concern of pregnancy and prevention of such is the only real non-homosexual discussion in a lifestyles class.


I'm not even sure to what heterosexual only topics your are talking about, or what homosexual only topics are missed.



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i know i was being vague. i just remember some people complaining a while back about kids not being taught about homosexuality or something. and of course, that set off the religious firebrands...


i hate how people claim religion or some 'higher authourity' as a justification for rampant intolerance. it's disgusting, really.


and yeah... i don't really know where i was going with this thread. just go with the flow.


rant about whatever you want... that's all i ever do... my thoughts just flow off topic like there's no tomorrow.




and, for the record, they don't teach abstinence. they give you the straight fact that the only guarantee that you won't get somebody pregnant is if you don't have sex with them. they talk about statistics and stuff, and tell you what safe sex is and all, but they leave it open ended and let you make your own choice.


i'm just curious to see what people think about the whole 'imposing your beliefs on others' issue. this is just a miniscule, and i guess, in the grand scheme of things, not really relevant thing.


go me. ;) i'm noted for always saying and doing irrelevant things.

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I too I guess am slightly confused as to what your meaning exactly. I don't think sexual preference should be taught to an individual either way. If you mean just presented in like the little cheesy videos or in discussion then I supposed equality would be fine, but I dunno if it's really a huge issue. As for abstience, I think it should be recomeended but not teaching teens about protection and such is both theoretically and statistically shown to be dangerous.

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