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Of the three tunes Matt Good and Ryan Dahle have released, which is your favourite?  

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  1. 1. Of the three tunes Matt Good and Ryan Dahle have released, which is your favourite?

    • Seriously Serious
    • Free Downloading Blues
    • Agoraphobe

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My vote goes to Seriously Serious, even though I'm finding I'm liking both the songs more as I listen to them more, and the edge Seriously gets might be just becuase it's had a good 2 more days in the rotation over Agoraphobe. And I thought the Free Download was hilarious, but musically it obviously can't compare to the other two and probably wasn't meant to.

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I haven't heard Free Downloading Blues...or whatever it's called.


Seriously Serious > Agoraphobe.



I like Agoraphobe, but seriously serious is just odd enough to be interesting.


I should find me a copy of free downloading blues.

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agoraphobe... but seriously serious is a close second!


I have to listen to the Blues one again... i don't think i appreciate it for what its meant to be. (It reminds me of bontempo... therefore it shouldn't really be taken seriously)

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Have to give the edge to Agoraphobe over Seriously Serious. Ever since I heard it briefly in that video I wasn't able to get it out of my head, so I was ecstatic when I found out it was the next release. Still haven't heard Free Download, but I must say it sounds quite funny from what i've seen in the posts

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I picked Agoraphobe but I've only listened to Seriously Serious a couple of times so that may change. Don't know where I was when it first came out b/c I got it last.


edit: I should learn the names of the songs first!

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