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Please Stop The Whining

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I've had enough of this crap about people whining about how the new Matthew Good + Ryan Dahle project is different. It's not "Matt Good", blah, blah, blah. Didn't anyone notice the reason on the end of the name as to why the project isn't Matthew Good? The whining is hypocritical too, ironic really. I have seen many Matthew Good fans complain about people losing interest in Matthew Good's solo career, saying that Matthew Good changing should not change whether or not someone enjoys the music, etc. Yet, now, Matthew Good does something new and some of the same people are complaining. I say just enjoy the song or not, just after you've stated your opinion leave it at that, please.


With that being said, I decided to create a board for the new project... here...

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agreed. totally.


why don't people appreciate things for what they're worth?


artists are allowed to do whatever they want. criticize if you will, but who are you to judge? if they're extending themselves as artists or making a point or something, then it's worth it.


edit: i can't reply on that forum, and i don't feel like signing up...



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People are obviously entitled to not like something, but Matt Good is entitled to make whatever he wants, and I'm happy he has a wide variety of music styles. I hate when people talk about how their opinion on the music is fact, and that since they think it's bad, your just being tricked since you think it's good.

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Different doesn't mean bad.

Singers and bands that I enjoy the most are the ones who actively explore new avenues in their music. Bands like Hootie and the Blowfish are boring, as each album - each song, in fact, sounds exactly the same. However, such bands as the Smashing Pumpkins constantly changed their style, and while many fans did not approve, it was still an excellent move. Similarily, Matt changes his sound with every release, and it's fantastic.

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if it's worth nothing to you, don't appreciate it then, i guess. but you are missing out due to close mindedness.


and there are standouts to every genre, even when the genre itself is mostly garbage.


i don't like country. at all.


i do like tom petty and the heartbreakers, however.


i don't like rap. at all.


but i do like project wyze, dead celebrity status, and sage francis.

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Does anyone else remember a post on the Mblog a while ago that said that matt was forming the new band to exercise his Indie rock deamons, or somthing to that extent? (paraphrasing heavily)


Doesn't that imply a little that he'll be keeping his other projects going at the same time?

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"why don't people appreciate things for what they're worth?"


This is a sad comment because you don't have to love everything you hear just because it's music. I don't like rap, I don't like country...why should I appreciate it for what it is worth when it is obviously worth nothing to me.

You missed the point completely. He's saying that if you don't like the music thats fine, as long as you don't enjoy it based solely on the music and not because its classified as a different band, style, genre ect.

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