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New Band Or Not?

Should Matt stick go with the new band with Ryan Dahle or stay solo?  

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  1. 1. Should Matt stick go with the new band with Ryan Dahle or stay solo?

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    • Solo

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he is planning on doing both. i believe the comment was posted on the title of this site.


he said he was going to be working on a project with ryan dahle (and im assuming the rest of limblifter), he will use this project to offset the cost of pursuing his solo work, which he doesnt want to be sales driven.



i think what he's doing is helping limblifter break through,and make some good money and also help himself with the alt-rock sales he will get so that Universal doesnt have to rely on guaranteed hits and singles from matt's solo work, which he is trying to stay away from.

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i voted solo, because there wasn't a both. Personally, i'm not a huge fan of the new stuff, but it's good enough to warrant an album. i just hope that +JPH isn't a priority in the long run.

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There will be no album produced. Perhaps a few more songs, but no band, no live performances, etc. Therefore, message boards and whoopla is all a little premature.

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That's cool though. I wonder what motivates him to come here every so often nowadays to check up on some threads. The last few he viewed was because he had received e-mails referring to them. I wonder if he just comes around now when he feels like it.

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he was here for the first time because he accidently deleted his Manifesto's and was looking for someone who had saved them (hence the name Help (that's the assumption i'm under))


He also posted a few times when people had sand in their vagina's because Jen was at a protest against fur.

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If I recall, he didn't like the band. Anyone else remember him saying that it was constructed to further his career but he was happy when the band broke up?

At any rate, he won't bring that band back together. I doubt Dave would join anyway.

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if i had a choice between ryan and matt, or an mgb reunion.. i would definitely pick the first choice. mgb had no relationship outside of work. a pretty decent new lineup would be:

Matt: guitar/vocals

Ryan: guitar/vocals

Pat: drums

Rich: bass


Pat played drums on I/O so it's kind of like a blend of both bands into one... still it wouldn't be the same without christian.. he's fantastic

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