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What's The Story With History Teacher?

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A friend of mine just recently burned me a copy of this double disc unreleased album. I really like it, but I hadn't heard of it before she told me about it. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it, like when it was recorded, why it wasn't released, etc...

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History Teacher is an illegal compilation of bsides, from real matthew good albums that were released before Matthew Good Band formed. Just out of curiosity, what is the History Teacher tracklist, if you mind?

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Hmm...interesting. What albums are they from, and are these albums available anywhere for purchase?


Anyway, here is the track list.



1. Bombmaker

2. Last of the Ghetto Astronauts

3. The Ocean

4. Endsong

5. Brand New Tune

6. Bluebird

7. Parable

8. Second Sun

9. Euphony

10. Push

11. Heathers Like Sunday

12. Dancing Invisible

13. Mercy Misses You

14. Joe’s in Trouble

15. Worthy

16. Message to God



1. Whispering in the Dark

2. Entresol

3. If Birds don’t Fly Straight

4. Coming out in purple

5. You are here

6. Last poems poet

7. Saturday the 12th

8. Folk singer

9. Umbrelless

10. Requiem for Rosemary

11. Close

12. South of Summer

13. Endsong

14. Break in Rhythm

15. Casual Walks

16. Waiting for the great destruction

17. Go fly blind

18. As long as you’re mine

19. A better pain

20. Before you go

21. Coming out in purple

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Worthy?!?! Could you send that song to me? my email is [email protected]



CD1 tracks 1-8 is 15 hours on a september thursday

CD1 tracks 9-14 is euphony

and i've never heard of Worthy before, but Message to God was a song Matt did wit his first band, The Rochester Kings.


CD2 tracks 1-14 is Broken

CD2 15 - 19 is Left of Normal.

20 is another Rochester kings song, and

Coming Out in Purple is also from broken, but for whatever reason is the last song.


You can't buy them anywhere, but they are sent around the internet all the time.

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I wasn't release because it didn't exist. History Teacher is not an album. Matt had nothing to do with it's compilation. Some guy just got a hold of a bunch of old demo tapes, and made a CD of them. Then it was marketed as an unreleased album. All of the tracks are off various demo tapes that Matt has done over the years. But History Teacher is not an unreleased album, it is an illegal compilation of demo tracks.



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i know!!! Those three rochester kings songs. and those songs that may or may not exist, like Reliance, Should Have Been A Supervillian, and City of Millions. I've never even heard of worthy though. That scares me.

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Yeah, I think he does...But I *love* them. And a while ago, he did give permission to download them, so...

I've read that it was requested on the MGB website some years ago that no buying/selling of HT occur, that people just download it/share it.


I've also heard that HT was originally sold on eBay by a former band member known as "history teacher", don't know if it's true.


Either way, I'd like to get my hands on it, but I can't find it, and I don't have any P2P, any advice?

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well i'll join in on the fun. I have a majority of those songs, but worthy is one i don't have. If anyone wants to send worthy or any of hte rarer material they have i'll gladly accept it at [email protected]. Though i fear this thread could just turn into a laundry list of people giving their e-mails begging for songs... but i'm not to proud to beg.

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I'll see if either of my e-mail providers allows files that large to be sent. Of course, I lost my GMail info. PERFECT timing on that one.


Edit - Kharmilina, you should have the song in your inbox.

Edit 2 - wentwj98, so should you.

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