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I just thought I'd write and say that I would really reccoment reading "The Romantic" by Barbara Gowdy. This book is something so delicate and pure, I don't even have words to describe it. I read hundreds of books each year and this is among the few that's made me cry.

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Hmm, hard to say. Storylines always seem so cliched when you summarize them...but here goes.

A young girl Louise deals with the disappearance of her mother but falling in love with the mother of a family that moves into her nighbourhood. In her struggle to get close to the mother and have her adopt her, she befriends their son Abel and eventually falls in love with him. They have a really convoluted relationship and the story is following the trajectory of Louise's life as she lives with and without him. I really can't tell you how incredible it is though... you should really read it!

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