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Alright, it starts off in a Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland. Jakob Heim (sp?) (Robin Williams) accidentally overhears a news report over a German's radio (radios were forbidden for Jews, if they are found with one, they were killed). Jakob tells a man he works with that he heard something about the Russians coming to liberate Poland over the radio. The man gets the wrong idea and thinks Jakob actually owns a radio, and word spreads quickly about it. Because he's under so much pressure from his fellow Jews for updates, Jakob starts making up fictitious news broadcasts from his non-existent radio for his comrades. As time passes he has to come up with more intricate, bizarre, yet optimistic news stories, there's of course the dramatic ending that I don't wanna spoil.

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really? what movie do I have it mixed up with?

*heads off to research*


wow. I was completely off...that doesn't happen too often to me (at least in the realm of movies)...well, since it doesn't have Jon Bon, I guess I'll check it out.

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