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Matthew Good Band Elimination

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*drumroll please!*

This matchup lasted a month, and it was one of the best matches of all time!!!!

We had a record 45 people vote in this match, and in the end Danimal gets the honour of posting the deciding ballot.. which happened to be the 45th vote!


Without further ado, the results from 2004's MGB Elimination Tournament CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS are:




Thanks to everyone who participated in voting, you guys made this a lot of fun to tabulate, but it's a shame it had to end. But good news with new Matt Good material.. 2005's version will be a lot different!!


I've attached the Excel file, so if you are interested you can take a look at all the previous round matches and their results. It'll give a chance for you to see how your favourite songs did, especially for those who joined late.


EDIT: Okay, so the Bored wont allow me to upload the .xls file. I guess I'll just post all the matches somehow in another message. Someone has to post though lol.

Thanks again!

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