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Does anybody know where I can download the MGB videos? I have almost all of them, but recently, my computer had to be reformatted. All but two videos were saved, except Alabama Motel Room and The Future is X-Rated. Thus, I need to know where I can find these two videos.


If anybody has them saved on their computer, please email them to me...


If anybody knows a good site where I can find these, please let me know.


Thank you for your help in advance.

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well i cant seem to find weapon at all on p2p its really shocking, but ive seen the future is x rated and whatnot on there, only a couple =\ the dvd will be on bt and irc at the very least if not all the p2ps when its released...

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Are there plans in the works for a MGB Music Video DVD? I really hope this comes to fruition, as the MGB Videos are by far some of the most fantanstic and best videos ever made. I don't think there is one band out there, save Radiohead, that can hold a candle to the creative genius of the Matthew Good Band.

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