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Ohio Recount!

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Hello all, It has been a long time since i have posted but i feel this is urgent news that must be brought to everyones decision. Click

Here Something historic happened yesterday. For the first time since 1877 a member of the House and a member of the Senate stood up together to object to a state's electoral college votes. This is the first step to confirming Bush's win, hopefully we will not see another debacle seen in the 2000 Elections.

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Same thing happened in 2000, his win was confirmed quickly. Im not saying he didn’t win, but there are serious discrepancies in the voting system that need to be addressed. Electronic voting has caused a lot of trouble across the U.S. I am simply pointing out that now they are actually doing what they should have done in 2000.If you will recall, Gore had won Florida giving him the presidential election. However before all the votes had been counted this was changed to Bush winning Florida and thus the presidential election. When they had recounted Florida's vote, Gore had won in all scenarios. The real issue here isn’t whether Bush won or not, its that every vote counts in a democracy, and that as a democracy every vote needs to be accounted for. Unlike in 2000 where thoughsands of voters were disenfranchised of there vote due to misinformation, among other reasons. Anyway this is an important development in U.S. politics however you feel about the issue.

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