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Which is the best?  

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  1. 1. Which is the best?

    • The Fellowship of the Ring
    • The Two Towers
    • The Return of the King
    • They all rule!
    • They all suck!

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Yes, trayas is the closest thing to Legolas as possible... lmao. Kat, ask him to show you his elf dance... its pretty nifty actually!


I would have to say the fellowship was the greatest because it created interested in the movie in the first place.

It allowed a large following that was later able to enjoy the rest of the awesome movies. RotK was great, but if they didnt get a strong following in the first place less people would probably appreciate RotK.

All depends on how you view things :angry:

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I like the two towers better.


I found that the first one dragged on at the beginning. It took a while to get my attention when they were telling the story about the rings.


The third one was my second favourite only because there was less action (fight scenes, etc)

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lol dan you only like the fellwoship cause its the only one you saw...and i HATE orlando bloom...i have a very mean but good impression of him being a nancy boy...anyway i like ROTK the most...loved the big battle scenes, as well as the the scene where the steward of Gondor(names all escape me at the moment and i dont feel like scrambing for my novels for names and spellings)was eating his meal as the Gondor calvary is slaughtered...i thought that was very well done and artistic...but you know im a pansy and enjoy artistic things

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yep...i love those kinds of scenes...oh and parrallelism in movies, like isildur with the ring in mount doom and frodo with the ring in mount doom...or in troy, hectorss pyre and achilles' pyre (if memory serves there was a lot of parallelism in that movies)...or in gladiator, the death of the germanic leader, and the death of the big germanic gladiator (whos name is also escaping me today)

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i seem to recall "lock stock and two smoking barrels" having a genious piece of parrallelism that knocked me over....




anyhow did the movie troy seem to you guys to be slightly slighted towards the war in iraq?

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Everybody has their own tastes in movies. Not everyone is going to like LOTR, and that is fine. I liked LOTR ... but you know what? I felt that i liked "TROY" better for some reason.

Both films were great, but i happened to like the goblin free TROY better... I also thought that these movies were extremely similar.

For example, the fight scenes had very similar layouts.


Thats my opinion ;)

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well..some people dont like samwise ;).....personally i agree samwise is the best, well either him or Gimley (i spelled it wrong i knwo:()(hehe dwarf)Anyway...dan is Samwaise...and where is the pot man?

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