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White Noise

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It had potential for sure. However, the sensationalized EVP and had all sorts of nonsensical plot points. There are many "whys" that were not answered. In some films, "why" doesn't have to be answered. In Juon (The Grudge), for example, there was lots of things that didn't make sense. However, these unanswered factors add to the film. However, in White Noise, I was left with too many questions that SHOULD have been answered. Bad writing. Boo!

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White noise was really funny, i laughed a lot. Nicole seemed to jump a few times though... I wish i'd stayed home and played with my wiener.


The best part though, was definiltey when the ESPN guys McDonalds diet caught up with him and he had violent heartattacks.


Why in the fuck did the three bad ghosts only kill two guys and enslave another? If they were real baddasses, they woulda busted caps in a lot more asses.. Those ghosts were pussies, they were Junior High Hardcore.

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