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This is, hands down, my candidate for the best film of 2004.


"Primer" is about a small group of thirtysomething engineers who, in their spare time off work, meet, experiment and make their own electronic devices in a garage. Two of them figure out that what they're building at that time is a device of staggering and unexpected potential, and develop it on their own without the other two knowing about it... and then the film becomes about what these two end up using their new invention for.


This movie was shot on Super-16mm film, on a budget of $7000. That's it. The writer/director also starred and did the music and sound effects. What he accomplished was to create the most compelling science-fiction film I've seen in years, with virtually no special effects to speak of.




"Primer" totally blew my mind, and few movies do that.


Note: this is one of those movies that you have to see at least twice to be able to figure out. I did in fact do so, and although I understand it a lot more than I did the first time around, I still don't comprehend the whole thing.

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Since you're in Toronto, it's playing at the Carlton this week. If you present your used ticket stub, they'll give you a pass to see it a second time for free. Believe me, a second viewing is necessary.

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