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middle class gangster

Matt Good's Lyrics

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Exactly! How can you trust anything with ears that soft? It's obvious they are bent on enslaving the entire human race.

I've been saying it for years...I'm glad that there are others who understand their evil plot and are trying to do something about it...thank you Yam.



I believe that chinchillas are the rabbits henchmen in this scheme.

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No problem. I've tried to defeat the rabbits in my region, but they're just way too clever for me. One time i tried to kill them with carrots that would burst into flames when eaten... instead they just beat me up with bats in an alley!


Chinchillas are pretty soft and fuzzy too. I'll look into it. I've got a source in the CIA.

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maybe they represent innocence.

for FtRT it could be that he's making confessions to someone innocent, and in WWWHR it could be a reference to killing off innocence...??


it's a long shot, but whatever.

maybe they are pirates. that works too.

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"While We Were Hunting Rabbits" is about when he was ten years old and his uncle took him rabbit hunting in the woods around Seymour Mountain. He killed one rabbit that day, but it was the first and only time he has ever willfully killed something and it's haunted him ever since.














Actually that's a lie. I made it up.

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some common themes...well maybe not themes persee, but at least these words popped up again and again.



it's a business just like guns and leg hold traps (Comfortable Criminals)


with a revolver in my hand (heathers like sunday)


and the gun it lies next to me whispering (alabama motel room)


lock your door and load your gun (omissions of the omen)


I wonder where my gun is (generation x-wing)


- ray gun

- a boy and his machine gun


the gun it makes you look nicer in a bad way (running for home)


I'm tired of walking around with my hand on my gun (sort of a protest song)


Been under the gun, running the guns (advertising on police cars)


Supersized guns ! (21st century living)


Name it after liberty and build it running guns (in love with a bad idea)


Charge and spike your heavy guns (empty road)


All out of beer so go get your gun (north american for life)




my black monkey heart (Reliance)


- monkey mask worn around the time of beautiful midnight...

- he has raved about one of his fave authors, kurt Vonnegut...especially his book "welcome to the monkey house"


the devil punched down to the monkeys (the future is x-rated)


And I'm a monkey in a long line of kings (while we were hunting rabbits)


And the monkey press the button (free download/downloading blues)





like a bird in bad weather, these engines won't stall (waiting for the great destruction)


the bird it knows the bee stings (parable)


- if birds dont fly straight

- blue bird


locked in the groove, little bird ...suffocate for me, little bird...god lives above your head, little bird

breathe for me, little bird (shes got a new disguise)


Those birds are singing (everything is automatic)


down came your blackbird to suffer in my arms (lets get it on)


I dreamed I was a pigeon (under the influence)


Over our houses when it could have been, should have been, doves (ex-pats of the blue mountain symphony orchestra)


earplugs for the birds and the animals (alert status red)


Tonight-A bird will fly, and collide With the windows of this apartment (agoraphobe)

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tripoli, what does it mean, i got this defintion from (dictionary.com

but i can't underastand what it has to do with the lyrics, i think it's a cool word though.

It's the capitol city of... a Northern African nation who'se name I can't remember.


I'll get back to you.


EDIT: libya.


p.s. it's also a city in lebanon.


p.p.s. no, i didn't read that link before i posted.

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damn lyrics are too complicated some times.

when i try to write lyrics i somehow wander off and write about my cat walking around or of the objects in my living room.


gawd,..i passed the rocharch test, but i failed the IQ one.

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