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Favourite Album Opener

What was your favourite opening track?  

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  1. 1. What was your favourite opening track?

    • Alabama Motel Room (LOTGA)
    • Raygun (Raygun EP)
    • Deep Six (Underdogs)
    • Giant (Beautiful Midnight)
    • Flashdance II (Loser Anthems)
    • Man Of Action (Audio of Being)
    • Pledge Of Allegiance (Avalanche)
    • Put Out Your Lights (WLRRR)

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In my opinion, the opening track is one of the most important parts of an album. I think it has to be something that's able to grab your attention and hold it long enough to get to track 2. So, I was wondering what your favourite opening track is.


Mine is Giant. The song reminds me of my girlfriend, so it holds some sentimental value for me. I also loved hearing it played live, last time he was in Montreal.

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"Man of Action"...Should have been the first single released from AOB. I would be curious to know who are the main decision makers for what tracks are released as singles from each LP. (Record Label Execs.?, The LP's Procducer?, the atrist/band memebers?)because I am still wondering why tracks like "Rico", "Carmalina", and "It's been A While Since I Was Your Man" were the choices for their respective albums...



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Tough call but I would have to say Giant just cause it is forever known for having that great "KICKASS, that's the way we spell success" intro, but Man of Action is right there behind nipping at its heels. But Plede of Allegiance and Put Out Your Lights are just as good if not better for setting the tone for their respective cd's, even if they are arguably not as memorable as stand alone songs.

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As much as I love every Matt song [except the bonus track from WLRRR] I definitely have to say Giant is my fave opener. Every time I hear that song, it's like everything kinda stops and for a moment the world is mine. It's insane what that entire album does to me... but Giant starts it all off in this indescribable way.

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