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I just wanted to know, how often have you all seen MG live, when/where etc.


I've seen him only 3 times, all since the MGB broke up, although I'd been a fan since the Underdog days.


Western Fair - London - 2002

Grand Bend Motorplex - Grand Bend - 2004

The Drink - London - 2004


I missed his 2003 Drink show, and am still kicking myself for that (mainly because tickets were cheaper than the 2004 drink show) Oh well.


That is all.

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july 1 '99 - rideau carleton raceway OTTAWA

sometime in '03 - convention centre HAMILTON

june 10 '04 - mod club TORONTO

october 23 '04 - kool haus TORONTO

november 5 '04 - convention centre HAMILTON

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Five times for me. All post-MGB concerts, too.


Avalanche Tour, 2003: Congress Centre, Ottawa

Civic Centre, Ottawa

Algonquin College, Ottawa (Civic Centre and Algonquin in the same week)

Put Out Your Lights Tour, 2004: York University, Toronto

Kool Haus, Toronto


I'm not good with dates.

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I'm a late bloomer of Matt's music. I caught the Ryerson and York show of last year and the Kool Haus show October 2004. Not a real fan of the Matthew Good Band when they were big back in the day...but Avalanche has had a huge effect on me. I just feel it's such a smart, clever album, musicially and lyrically.



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July 4, 1998- edgefest- stadium

July 7, 1999- edgefest- Assiniboia Downs

Dec 8, 1999- Convention Centre

May 2, 2000- le Rendezvous (rip)

July 1, 2001- The Forks

Mar 31, 2003- The Colosseum

Apr 1, 2003- The Colosseum

Apr 2, 2003- The Colosseum

June 29,2003- Grand Beach Centre

June 18, 2004-Red River Exhibition

Oct 20, 2004 -the walker Theatre

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Missed a few good shows at Red's back in 98 and 99 because of being underage but I feel I've done alright for myself with twelve shows in all. All of these are in Edmonton, except for 2001-06-26, as we went down to Red Deer to see that one.


1998-07-28 - Commonwealth Stadium

1999-07-11 - Commonwealth Stadium

1999-08-17 - Rev (best concert)

1999-12-05 - Shaw Conference

2001-06-26 - Red Deer Centrium

2001-06-30 - Northlands Park

2003-03-27 - Joint

2003-03-28 - Joint

2004-06-23 - Starlite Room

2004-06-24 - Starlite Room (second best)

2004-06-25 - Starlite Room

2004-10-13 - Red's

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June 29, 2001? - Stampede Corral (without a doubt, the best concert I have been to in my entire life)

March 24, 2003 - The Whiskey

March 25, 2003 - The Whiskey

July 2003 - Calgary Stampede

June 27, 2004 - Cowboys

June 28, 2004 - Cowboys

October 15, 2004 - MacEwan Hall

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Ottawa Congress Centre in 2003

Ottawa Civic Centre in 2003

The Key in Bala on June 12, 2004

Carleton U (my crappy school!) on October 24th, 2004

Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, on October 25th, 2004


Would've seen him on June 13th and 14th, 2004 in Ottawa had they not been 19+ shows with my 19th birthday landing in September (that's actually why I went to the Bala show instead, on a greyhound bus to go meet up with my friend that has a cottage nearby)

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