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Concert Attendance

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Western Fair - London - 2002

Grand Bend Motorplex - Grand Bend - 2004

The Drink - London - 2004

i take it you're from london like me lol. i've onlt been to.


September 17, 2004 - Orangeville


he was amazing.. and because of insufficient funds, i couldn't afford to buy my ticket for The Drink a little bit later. i was $10 short and my parents woulnd't lend it to me, so i stood outside fora whiell.. but then i had to leave.

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and even worse, the Marquee club is closing i do believe

*weep* indeed it is... it will be a sad day in music history the day they close their doors...


In other news. I have only been to one show of his. The most recent one in Ch'town. He has been on my concert hit list to see for years. Words can't describe how excited I was at this opportunity. I was front row with my camera (<--heaven).

There were some dinks in the crowd though that were yelling annoying comments.

But other than that I was awed by the performance. He played The Marquee the night previous, and had it not been for work I would have hopped the shuttle to see that one too. But alas... I need my job to pay the bills.

Damn bills.. always getting in the way of fun...

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i saw matt twice..


on the first leg of the white light rock and roll revue tour in sydney, nova scotia (some dude on an acoustic guitar opened for him). great show, although only about 150 people showed up. and i think the band had been drinking a lot before the show. very entertaining.


and at the end of the put out your lights tour, in antigonish, nova scotia with limblifter and auf der maur. this show was over crowded with 12 year old girls taking pictures of each other with their cell phones. matt was good. and i met melissa auf der maur (sooo sweet... she even signed my cd).

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Kool Haus April 12, 2002

Kool Haus Octobeer 23, 2004



I wish I had seen more, but the parents were mostly unwilling/busy to drive me to downtown toronto.


Anyone see him during the LOTGA days?

Easliest I ever saw him was Underdogs. I can't imagine, given the quality of LOTGA, that I was missing anything.

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14 times.




Toronto: ACC- w/Moist and Serial Joe (Dec 17)




Toronto: The Warehouse (May 5)




Vaughn: Canada's Wonderland (July 6)




London: Western Fairground (Sept 13)

St. Catherines: Event in the Tent (Sept 20)

Oakville: Sheridan College (Sept 24)




Toronto: Kool Haus (Apr 10)

Hamilton: Convention Centre (Apr 12)

Wasaga Beach: The Dard (July 10)

Waterloo: Laurier University (September, snuck into their Frosh Week show)




Toronto:Mod Club (June 6)

Toronto:Mod Club (June 8)

Toronto:The Warehouse (Oct 23)

Hamilton: Convention Centre (Nov 8)

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the last time I saw him was in Banff at Wild Bills.

He got hit in the mouth with a microphone and canceled the show after about 20 mins.

Needless to say, there is kind of a bad feeling about paying to see another of his shows. Infact, I have already passed one show up.

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yeah... if you dig around, there is a thread about that.


If I remember correctly he finished three songs after he chipped his tooth. Please don't argue with me here, find the old tread about it, and argue there.



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Guest acrobate

I saw him only once at the Metropolis in Montreal on Nov. 6 2004. I missed a lot of golden opportunities since MGB was not popular in my hometown (Quebec city) and when they came, they would usually play in small bars. They even gave a free outdoor show.

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