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"the Rebel Billionaire"

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President of Virgin ?

Yes, it's the reality show Richard Branson of "Virgin" hosted.


It was actually pretty interesting. They did do "Fear Factor" type stunts, minus the bug eating I believe, but it was used to teach business strategies as well. One elimination challenge, one guy was willing to go over Victoria Falls with Richard Branson in a barrell. They came close to doing it before Richard Branson explained if they actually had done the jump they wouldn't have survived. He then talked about calculated risks, and how you have to ask the right questions and whatnot. He tried to teach people strategies basically, without being mean. He would tell people their downsides, but it wasn't a particularly cruel way of doing it.

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One Million Dollars, and they could be President of 'Virgin' for three months. After that time, if they'd like, they could stay on as leader of one of the divisions of 'Virgin'

I can't see the edit button, oddly enough, so I meant to edit this to say... that they might have the chance to stay on after the three months...

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