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Most Politically Charged Matthew Good Song

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Hey just a question in your opinion what is the most politically charged Matt Good song? either obvious or personal interpretations of any song. Looking to do a paper on a song in which Matt expresses a poltical stance (I know thats almost all of them post Audio, but pick one please.)

My choice so far is: Pledge of Allegiance/Weapon, then again Im not really sure what Weapon is about tho I have an idea.

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The question is really in how you interpret a lot of the song. "Prime Time Deliverance" is a good example, it is politically charged if you interpret it that way.


The new Album is more charged than any other he has produced. "North American for Life" all though maybe not his best work, is certainly very direct in what it's about "George is teaching the kids to fight". Ex-pats is also fairly direct "Bombs away, over our houses, when they could have been, should have been doves". Of course leaving out the obvious "Alert Status Red".


If it's an option, I would say "21st Century Living" is certainly the most political song. I've heard three different versions of the song, and all of them are very political. I say if it's an option, since it's not so much a song, it's more of a rant.



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21st Century Living was even more politically charged when he played it live, because of the speeches/clips of people (i.e. Bush). I loved hearing the different versions of that song live...was like a new statement every time.

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