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New Wave

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One of my favorite Matt Good songs is "I Miss New Wave". I never really understood what New Wave was, though on the old runningforhome.net it was posted:

"In a recent interview, guitarist Dave Genn refered to a "new wave". This "new wave" was the influential new wave of music bursting onto the scene during the 1980's. An influential "new wave" that inspired Matt, Dave, Rich and Ian."


But I just randomly came across this quote I thought I would share. Not sure if it changes my reading of IMNW though.


"One thing I wanted to bring back to rock 'n' roll was the knowledge that you invent yourself. That's why I changed my name, why I did all the clothing style things, haircut, everything. . . . That is the ultimate message of the New Wave: if you just amass the courage that is necessary, you can completely invent yourself. You can be your own hero, and once everybody is their own hero, then everybody is gonna be able to communicate with each other on a real basis rather than a hand-me-down set of societal standards."

--Richard Hell


Hell was a member of the band Television that is credited with starting the new wave scene inside of NY.


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"i miss new wave" is my favourite song. Not just by matt good, but my favourite overall song. Beautiful Midnight is my favourite cd. The music is exactly the music i would like to listen to. Its unfortunate that in my mind, ill never listen to another cd quite like it. I also miss new wave.

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The Evolution of New Wave:

The Genre of music known as New Wave that became quite popular in the 1980's actually began in the early to mid '70s. New Wave doesn't just include the Synthesized Pop that many equate with it. New Wave, having been accused as being an extension of Disco, was a whole reaction to Punk, and in some ways an offshoot of Punk. By observing this Chronology of Punk, an excerpt from a book written by George Gimarc, entitled: Punk Diary:1970-1979, many of the early "New Wave" bands are featured. Some of the bands included are:



Blondie, From New York, but made it big in the UK first.

The Pretenders, In London

The Cars, In Boston

Devo In Akron, Ohio

Talking Heads, In New York

X-Ray Specs, In London

Siouxsie and the Banshees, In London

Simple Minds

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