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I Called Matt Good Last Night.

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me: is matt there?

mg: yeah, this is matt, who the fuck is this?

me: it's scot from panic button

mg: scot!?! go fuck yourself scot!!!

me: awww, that's not very nice matt

mg: stick your head up your ass and suffocate yourself

me: *trying not to laugh* is jenn home?

mg: go fuck yourself scot!!!

me: ahahahah, where's jenn?



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That sounds uncool. If this has anything to do with the number people were saying was given out before Matt imploded at another forum, then perhaps you should go fuck yourself. If not, then this is a very nice piece of fan fiction you have going here. but it needs character development. B-. But seriously, go fuck yourself.

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I can't understand why you would call Matt... I mean, didn't he establish in one of the posts he made here that he thinks your creepy?


Just seems weird you would call him. You know that phoning somebody can be considered harassment...



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Went to the panicbutton website that was posted on scot's link... listen to the song, killing time... it's totally garbage. It sounds like a kid playing with somebodys recording equipment and that kid starts singing, hoping nobody will actually hear him sing.


scot: hello, is matt there?

mg: who the fuck is this?

scot: it's scot, the guy who sounds like a prepubescent boy!

mg: ha ha ha ha... you suck nickelbacks weiner.

scot: hey, that's not very nice... is jenn there?

mg: yeah, she's giving me dome as we speak. Did you ever get dome from anybody, excluding your uncle?

scot: ..........no.

mg: well, then pull out a razor blade and slice your wrist, you little pud sucker.

scot: i'm telling my mom...

mg: yeah, and tell your mom she owes me eighty dollars.


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I turn the keyboard over to my mentally retarded 7-year old brother, who will explain this to you.


hE sAiD thAt bECauSe matT waS bEinG a cOcKSuCkEr. plEasE StOp aSKinG stOoPid QUesTiOns. yOu GiVE Us RETaRds a BaD naMe. tHanK yOu.


Okay, Im back now. Anyway, if Matt didn't want to talk to Scot, he could have hung up the phone, much in the same manner you would hang up the phone if a telemarketer called you. Not telling the person to go fuck themself, not telling them to suffocate themselves by sticking their head in their butt. Just say "No thanks" and hang up the phone.

Simple, but highly effective.

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I don't think Matt has really given his cell number...I didn't see it but I doubt it


And having someone's phone number does not excuse harassing him. If that was the case then let's harass the whole fucking phone book...


If you really did call him, you desperately need a life


If you didn't call him, you still desperately need a life

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if you actually read something on the internet, isnt it supposed to be true...

I thought everything on the internet was true


if not then all this time my penis really isnt growing from those pills I bought from that one website

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The fact that some people actually believed that, is quite disheartening. First of all, let's use some common sense. You know, that good old method of reasoning using justifiable and reasonable assumptions, which more often than not, prove to be the accurate solution. If Matt asked who it was, and he replied, "Scot from Panic Button".. Matt wouldnt tell him to Fuck Off.. Matt would have no idea who the hell Scot is. Second of all, the insult that was was used to quote Matt.. was something a grade 5 kid would say. Matt would leave a snide remark, rather than petty swear words.


Secondly, Scot lives in London, ON (according to Locale -- and his London Knights avatar from before) and Matt lives in B.C. (I believe). There would be some long distance charges, and there's no point in wasting money to harrass one of your favourite celebrities.


Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but people needn't have to lie just to get attention. You know what would be a lot cooler in terms of getting attention?? Stabbing a spork in your eye, then I'll appreciate your attempt to get attention.

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