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Since I share my hometown of north bay with the boys in High Holy Days I've followed their music as much as i could, and try to support them. All in all they do play good music, and even though that style has been done before it still has an original flavor to it. Like the song the getaway.


anyway, i'm not sure what the general opinion of them is, so i'd like some feedback on how you feel about the band.


PS. my buddys band Kliesh (non-existant anymore) actually beat out high holy days in a battle of the bands a few years back

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Personally, I am not a fan of their music. In fact around my hometown they filmed parts of the "Getaway" [or whatever the title is] Music Video. I remember randomly changing the channel to Much Music and seeing a resturant in the video and saying "that looks familiar". As it turns out it's "Webers" A highway burger joint.


Good burgers, not so good band in my opinion.

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They had a show at the Foundation Night Club in Barrie, tickets 5 bucks. My friends band had a show at the foundation - 5 bucks. High Holy Days are not a hot item, just another generic sounding money making machine. And yes, the machine is rusted and broken.

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they sound like creed

who try to sound like pearl jam.


therefore, high holy days are a derivative of a derivative. and even pearl jam were though of as the "poser" band in the 90s by some....


refer to michael keaton's movie "multiplicity". the ones who are derived from a derivative, end up being quite stupid.


thats how i feel. however you can keep listening to them all you like.

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ouch. didn't know it was that bad. My bias has misled me again..but no, i still like em, the getaway has kewl guitar riffs, the lyrics are really good,..but i agree on voice. It's been done before, my buddy even told Marc Arcand (singer) that a while back.

maybe on the second album they'll sound like someone good (not creed) like shannon hoon!!

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