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Favourite/Best MG(B) Album

Whats Your Personal Favourite Full MG(B) Album?  

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  1. 1. Whats Your Personal Favourite Full MG(B) Album?

    • LOTGA
    • Underdogs
    • Beautiful Midnight
    • Audio of Being
    • Avalanche
    • White Light

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its my fave all around album mostly because you get something differn't out of it with every listen also you discover new things with it.

i feel that way about underdogs actually...

its not my fav though. its in the top 6.

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I really can't pick, it's a tie between Audio Of Being and Avalanche. WLRRR is also really good. FUCK!


eenie, meenie, miny, moe...


*edit* Nothing can make me pick between AOB and Avalanche. They are both equally incredible. ;)

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i had to vote for beautiful midnight. i LOVE the new stuff, but that album is just incredible to me.


EDIT: now i'm unsure......i think if i could vote again i would vote for avalanche, too. what a masterpiece. but then i do really like WLRRR......ah! this is too hard!

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Whatever album is in my CD Player is my favourite.. you put in Underdogs and you listen.. and it's so awesome.. then you take it out.. and put in LOTGA.. and THATS your fave.. then you put in AoB.. and THATS your favourite.. so right now I'm listening to Underdogs.. so it's my favoourite right now lol

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avalanche gets my vote. it blows me away every time.


although it's hard to really gauge an artist's work. especially when it's as good as matt's.


and i haven't really heard all of aob. but i don't think that makes my vote null and void.


my ranking:



beautiful midnight

loser anthems (if this counts...)


audio of being (i haven't really heard it, as i've said...)



raygun (i've only heard the single...)

lo-fi b sides (fated rules. and the cover's good.)


tough call.

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