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I know a lot of the discussions here are about comedy shows with classics such as Sienfeld and South Park, but does anyone else watch 24? Every season is amazing. Anyone with any more thoughts?

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I also pulled off the same thing with the 24 season 3 DVD set, season 4 looks like its going to be good, your right about the Chapelle part he went from being a hard ass to atucally looking human and who else here jumped up and celebrated when Sherri Palmer died?

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Gah the thingy lost my post :angry:


I really liked tonights episode, however I though it was a bit of a cop out to have them have this "device" that'll allow the bad guys to take over the power plants. Where in reality they could've done w/o it.


Security studies have shown that a large part of government systems like powerplants, water&sewage treatment, heck even traffic control systems aren't hardend against computer attacks.


And I wanna know why they got rid of Jack's daughter she's hot ;) and I miss her

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ive only seen the 1st and 2nd seasons on DVD. I have to rent the 3rd to watch that on a weekend. it's second season was probably my favorite season of any show.


the best way to watch this show is by DVD. Everytime an episode ended, id be frantic to put on the next one. I dont know how people who watch it on TV deal.

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