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Desperate Plea For B-sides

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Is there any possible way someone could email me these tracks or post them on yousendit.com?


Audio of Being: Pony Boy, and All Together


Avalanche: Comfortable Criminals


WLRRR: Dusk, Cant Get Shot In The Back


and... Big City Life (demo)


I'm in the US, where I'm lucky enough just to order Matt's albums from hmv.ca, so I couldn't purchase Dusk online. I've never even seen the other ones. I've purchased every MGB and MG album and single I could, this would help me round out the collection. Please. ;)


Thank you in advance for your help.


Here's my email address: [email protected]

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i was just about to start a thread about this too.....my computer screwed up yesterday and i lost all my songs..... sniffle... :angry: so if anyone has the following songs, it would be fantastic if they could send them to me at [email protected] :


cant get shot

all together (my favourite ;) )

pony boy

big city life

4 minute mile


i would be forever in debt to whoever can help me out.....thanks a lot!!!

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Has anyone here even Heard Comfortable Criminals? I've almost got all the b-sides, but this one escapes me. City of millions is the same deal, though I'm thinking that hat one doesn't actually exist, but was the working title of empty road.


If you want b-sides, post your email, and i'll see if I can hook you up.

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My quest is complete. Within 24 hours, you kind souls supplied all of my needs. I can repay the community by offering to email any of these to anyone else looking for them (see first post for what I requested). ;)


I also can hook up any Manic Street Preachers fans.

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Hey, I'd like people's help. I started another thread called "complete b-sides list"..etc. If you could all contribute, i want to create a definative list of all the b-sides that you can actually listen too, compared to some lists that include songs that don't exist.


Appreciate it.

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