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Complete B-sides/live/covers List

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I'm compiling a list of all the unreleased Matt Good stuff that exists, and want to know if people can help. It's SUCH a pain in the ass, because there's a bunch of songs that are actually poems, some are only live, some are covers. Please, add or correct as you see fit. I'm sure i'm not the only person who wants to see a list like this. (It's going to make a great CD when i'm done - guilt free, too, since I can't buy this anywhere.)

Note - these don't include any b-sides that have been released.


1. Pony Boy

2. All Together

3. Comfortable Criminals

4. 4 Minute Mile

3. Dusk

4. Can't Get Shot In The Back (If you Don't Run)

5. Annabelle

6. Big City Life

8. Can't Explain (Who Cover)

9. 1999 (prince Cover (not sure about this one))

7. Seriously Serious

8. Agoraphobe

9. Downloading Blues


I've figured that City of millions doesn't exist, except as a former working title for Empty road, and Should Have been a Super Villian and Reliance exist, but aren't music. Please don't jump down my throat for including the JPH stuff as "matt good". I get the feeling that i'm forgetting something, so let me know. I also have an acoustic Apparitions, an instrumental Weapon, and a radio edit version of Near Fantastica. Should they be included?

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I think compiling a complete list of the B-sides is important, because most of us are now faced with the possibility that Matt may be done with music. (which I doubt) As a result, these b-sides may be the only matt good stuff we don't have, and will get to hear. That's why this list is important, so please help to edit it and fix it. I know there's a lot of B-sides threads out there, but lets make this one work.

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if youre goin to do rare acoustic/extended versions, ever thought about the acoustic version of lullaby for the new world order, as well as the "reworked" live version of symbolistic white walls?

theres also the acoustic version of empty road (same as the vid that was runnin on his site for awhile)

but then i guess you have to be careful cos theres a lot of different versions floating around, like the slow version of future is x-rated...this cd might work out to be a double album!


just a thought...

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I was thinking that this list would include only songs that weren't available elsewhere, even in other versions. As a result, slow versions or radio versions or acoustic versions would be out, perhaps subject to another thread of "alternate versions." Perhaps i'll post that after i'm satisfied with this one. Also, although "enjoy the silence" is a badass song, i think he made it available for purchase, hence disqualified.


Agree? Disagree? I want to know. I think this is important.

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Well you could make it a double cd like spieslikeus said.

There's the live extended versions of:

Symbolistic White Walls


Under the Influence


Hello Time Bomb

A Long Way Down (much better than the studio version)

and also:

acoustic apparitions

acoustic IAWCC

Carmelina (POYL tour)

Life Beyond/slow Carmelina

slow FXR

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if thats the one that he and Biff Naked do, i have had that for years, on cd somewhere, its fun to listen to at parties

He actually only sings one line near the end of the first verse fromw hat I remember. He plays guitar on the track. I believe it's Trevor Hurst (of Econoline Crush) and Bif Naked who do the vocals primarily on the track.

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Your original list looks pretty good.


The only thing you're really missing is Matt yelling at the crowd. It's gold.


Also, you haven't included the History Teacher Demos or the BonTempo stuff.


As far as alternate version, here's what I came up with:


Apparitions (Acoustic)

Lullaby For A New World Order (Acoustic)

Weapon (Soundtrack Version)

Near Fantastica (Short Version)

Nation of Cool/Near Fantastica (Acoustic)


Plus there's a whole bunch of live stuff out there that totally worth it.


I know you wanted jsut rare or unreleased stuff, by why stop there.

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Jam knows the score. This is like the third time little shits on this board show their ignorance and fail to realize true greatness. Since when is Depeche Mode lame?


In another thread some fucker was trying to bag on Queen. Here's a tip, learn what good music is.

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