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Nostalgia. Mr. Good Is Amazing.

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" ;) Hello Idiot"



"Welcome to today. How do you feel? This is what today looks like. Is it what you expected? There will come a time when you wake up and realize that there will come a time when you will not. There will come a time when the version of you on this day will seem stupid.


it is not your fault."


"The all new People's Party" *aka the mgb*



i was having a flashback kind of moment in the midst of all the thoughts of Matt disappearing forever. He was a lot of my sanity in High school... and even now. He has expanded my mind, made me laugh, made me think and for that Ill be forever grateful. i also relied on him for a lot of political things, but thats because he made them interesting to me! *I also watch FoxNews here in oklahoma but.. Matt gave a different opinion, from the outside.*


i have this printed off from their old website and it was in a folder of mine from high school, I think I was 14 or 15 at the time. I had later gone through some changes in my life, and I was trying to figure things out and became kind of opposed to Matt's beliefs, but i didnt throw away the sheet.. I revamped it by putting magazine clippings of words over his.. I look back now almost 20 and his words, its so funny how much it speaks to me even now. "there will come a time when the version of you on this day will seem stupid" Exactly!! The things I did to it, the person I was then.. looking back, I seemed so stupid. but its so funny to see it. Im so glad I kept it. Im so glad he wrote this. *I mean Im pretty sure it was him..*


and if you *Matt* read this thank you!!!!




and a less serious memory I have with MGB involved from high school is I was on the US streetteam and I was handing out those cool sitckers.. and one of my friends stuck a blue MGB sticker to the ceiling in the hallway.. it was up there for months! .. yay for MGB leaving a mark in a rural high school hallway!! <3

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