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MBlog Poll

What is the age range of people who actively visited the MBlog?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the age range of people who actively visited the MBlog?

    • Under 18
    • 18-24
    • 24-30
    • 30 and Older

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Interesting poll. I would have to assume that the age would be rather spread out as the ages of peolpe here is rather spread out over the whole range. Probably a few more in the 18-24 range than the others i would guess just judging by the people here and those who go to his concerts.

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i would think 18-24. I think the majority of MG fans are young adults... this of course, make me a minority, most kids my age are listening to Keisha Chante and other bullshit...

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For those curious about the origins of this poll, refer to the thread "matt's political views" in which "thefutureisxrated" wrote:


"You have to expect the idiots when your site is visited by 18-24 year olds (I'll post a poll on the "bored" to see the average age demographic of people who visited MBlog).


I sincerely hope you read the goings-on in that particular thread so as to better understand the motives behind this poll.


I am personally not participating in this poll because of the intentions behind starting it. I think suggesting that the people who were causing problems necessarily fit into a particular age demographic is ludicrous. And even if the majority of the obnoxious people who disabused the site were 18-24, or even if the majority of the readers of the mblog overall were within this age range (which is impossible to determine through this poll incidentally), we cannot suggest that the problems were BECAUSE OF the mean age of readers of the blog.


While the poll MAY be interesting for someone without ulterior motives, using it as some type of proof that all of the problems were due to the relatively young age of readers of the mblog is unacceptable. Age descrimination at its' finest, people.

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So it wasn't the people under age 18 to their mid-20's that were leaving the death threats and the ridiculous remarks on the MBlog. It was the over 30 year olds! Men with wives, two kids, and a lucrative job threatened Matt's life. Age discrimination should not be tolerated!

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Your cunningly crafted sarcasm simply confirms (alliteration is fun) that you believe a particular age group is solely responsible. That because those who frequented the mblog probably were 18-24, problems were inevitable.


I don't think it's a function of age at all. I think the problems were more likely a result of the accessability (comments, email etc.) that was unfortunately one of the reasons why the site was particularly charming (which you convincingly argued, and I do agree with). If you'll excuse the cliche, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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99 out of 100 times it was somebody under 24 leaving those comments. I'm not saying all the people of this age range, including myself, are guilty of this. I'm saying that it was somebody with too much time on their hands who did this (ie. college kids, high school kids). They probably made a huge joke out of it also.

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Indeed, truly it is not possible to determine the age range of the abusers just by enacting a poll on this site. Nonetheless, it's most likely that the persons did fall in the range of 18-24 (or whatever) because they are the likely range to be most appealed to Matt's music. Yet, their age had nothing to do with it. They were acting incredibly immature nomatter what their age and their actions were more of a reflection of their attitudes and character.



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