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Dan #1

Matt Good / Bono ?

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You've never cared for Bono?


But he's so weird and funny and such a rock star without being an idiot (most of the time).


And aside from the picture, it's an interesting comparison becuase they're both quite involved in world issues. I don't know any other rockstar that gets invitied to UN meetings and the like with as much frequency as Bono.

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Bono does something useful, going to the U.N. to talk about his concerns. Bono talks to world leaders, he tries to press for change even. The U.N. has representatives from most of the countries in the world. He even went with a member of the U.S. government to Africa to see what needed to be done, first hand.

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At least he's trying to do something. And he uses his celebrity to talk about important issues to the masses. And people listen to celebrities, like it or not. He could just be getting drunk in his spare time, so I'd say he's doing something.

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Personally, there's always seemed something... fake, about Bono to me. Whenever I see him do a charity event or a political show it looks like he is phoning it in from home, whereas when he does concerts, he can turn up the intensity and not look like he's falling asleep.


Might be my imagination, or the fact that he's slime. Not sure.

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Define charitable.


If charitable is throwing money at a problem, then Bono is charitable.


But anyone can throw money at a problem and say "Look! I'm a superhero!" and people will in turn say "Man, he's such a nice guy" and give him money for it. When you're richer then some small countries, a charitable donation a week is nothing.


I'm talking about when he goes to events, and when he makes speeches. He gives me the impression that is a fabrication, as he seems to have no passion and when caught in the crowd, often looks bored, or even falling asleep.


There's no doubt that he gives to charities and there is no doubt that that money helps, and maybe to you that's all that matters. I just doubt if he is sincere, or if he sees it as a method of self-promotion.


And that's how I feel.

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there is no doubt that that money helps, and maybe to you that's all that matters.

Ouch, I think someone hit a nerve!

Eh. I didn't intend it as a personal attack, although when quoted it seems like it.


I just meant that Bono seems fruadulent to me, and no amount of donation or face time will change that.


As to...


MG talks. Bono does.


I find it odd that when Bono is off being citizen one, MTV happens to have a camera crew around.

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Yeah, but the way Matthew Good talks is doing something. He's using his celebrity to educate people and try to change people to think differently and act themselves. That's an important thing as well because instead of just one person doing something, you can have many.

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