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I'm listening to System of a down right now and I would like them to change the subject matter up a bit. It seems all they do is political music and they seriously beat their subject to death. How many albums can you come out with that has the same basic theme? I'm not a big fan of SOAD but they do their subject over and over again. Does anyone else find that some bands just beat their subject to death and you hate it? I found Rage Against the Machine was Similar, good sound and musicality but lyrically it's the same time and time again.

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I wouldn't want to hear all love songs like some artists do, a love song here or there would be a nice change up sometimes. I like some variation not just the same old same old. I can't argue about what they sing about isn't meaningful, but so is a good love song.

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I know that the songs Needles, Bounce, Roulette, and Streamline

are not political songs. I'm fairly certain that Suite-Pee, Know, Ddevil, Soil, Peephole, Darts, Jet Pilot, and Psycho are not political. The meaning in their songs isn't usually that clear so some of those might be poitical or there may be more that aren't.

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