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I'm Pissed

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I just got suckered on this thing. I'm compiling a bunch of the rare/b-sides of Matts. I want studio songs, or ones that were never recorded. I got screwed though, because the NF store lists a rare slow version of X-rated. It's not described as (Live), like the other ones, but just (Slow). It's also more highly priced than the others, leading me to believe that It might not be some crappy live recording, but something Matt recorded. I spent nf$ 50 on a damn live version of X-rated, and it's not even that cool. On the upside, I discovered that it's from a show I attended in Halifax, so that's something.

That songs should be relabeled, and I can't find the customer service desk.

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This place runs better than a Wal-Mart. Customer service desk convienantly located at one's fingertips. Could do without the attitude though, my point was valid.


-you guys didn't even ask for a receipt!

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