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Resident Evil 4

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This place really needs a video game forum..


Anyhoo, great game. I'm in the Castle right now. Very creepy. The atmosphere is brilliant, and the fighting is fantastic. It's nice to see monsters that are capable of killing you just as quickly as you can kill them. Most games you kill enemies in 5 shots and they kill you in 50, which leads to pretty boring fights.


Also JMunk mentioned to me how this game rivals the quality of Half-Life 2. Which is funny since now that I'm playing RE4, the first thing I thought was how the graphics engine seems so similar to Half-Life 2's. The gritty textures, realistic water, terrain and trees, character models and animations. It's definitely high quality.

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The game is amazing. It's the best Gamecube game out, though that's not really say much I suppose.


It's a different ride from the other ones, which I enjoyed, but I think a stellar improvement in the gameplay department. I've beaten it and the ending sucked, but the bonus games and secret ending are really good and really fit with the rest of the franchise.


The only bad thing about the game is that I rented it at Blockbuster and it's now 10 days overdue.

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sic 'em dmac.

...? Okay.


I'm not slagging the Gamecube. I bought one and it's my favourite system, but, it has a distinct lack of truly awesome games. PS2 averages 1-3 must-own games a year, while Gamecube doesn't really have many must-own titles. I think that Resident Evil 4 is THAT game.




I traded in Paper Mario, as I played it and hated it.

I never liked Metroid Prime.

I thought Mario Party and Mario Tennis and Smash Brothers are pretty stupid.

I got bored of Animal Crossing and traded it in.


Most of those are considered to be among the GC's good games. I don't think any of them hold a candle to RE 4. Not even close.

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I never liked Metroid Prime.

Well, no wonder you don't think the Cube has any must have games when you dislike one of the best games of this generation.


I find the PS2 and XBox have no must have games for me. RPG's do little for me, so the PS2 is out, and I don't like poor shooters, so the XBox is out.

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Yeah but it doesn't have to be brown everywhere. Look at the other rez games.


The game is great but it could still use work.

I totally disagree with that. I never foudn any of the environments (so far) to be too monotonous or boring. The Cube has far too many colourful games, it's about time there was one that looks gritty and realistic.

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less talking more screenshots.




hey dmac, exactly how violent is the game? give examples but no spoilers please??? I want to know how much my parents would kill me if and when they find it.


and yeah i know that screenshot kind of speaks for itself, but how far does it go?

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i heard somebody's face gets melted.


like that elmer fudd nazi from 'raiders' (the greatest movie ever).


but that's OK, so it's like your average zombie movie. any head crushings? I'm thinking of the Le Gigante things when they kill you. those are the only things i can't stand.

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