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Being There

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Recently saw the movie "Being There" with Peter Sellers. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078841/


Even though the movie was made in the late '70s, I felt the implications with respect to government and culture had amazing resonance today. Hilarious in parts, saddening in others, and mostly just insightful without being obvious.


I thought it was amazingly well done, and I question how many recently made movies are able to pull off subtle implications so well without being condescending.


Any thoughts?

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Ahhh! I've wanted to see that movie for quite some time. Ever since I saw "Network" on TVOntario's Saturday Night at the Movies, actually - they had an interview section about both "Network" and "Being There" (there is no formal connection between both films, but both deal with popular media and communication, particularly television).


EDIT: Oh yeah, and my sig is a famous quote from "Network."

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