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Greatest Songwriter Of All Time?

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If your making a list of the best, Neil Young should make it onto the list for being the most prolific songwriter alive, if not because of the merit of his talent. As for THE best, it really goes into personal oppinion. I prefer someone more like Tom Waitts or Nick Cave.

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I had a pretty random ramble with some people whle getting my starbucks fix this morning. they were like, "Bruce Springsteen is regarded as the greatest songwriter besides Bob Dylan" I laughed right out of the store. I said, Bob Dylan, John L, Paul Mac, and a few others. Now i dont remember who else i said.

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I'm a "Blonde on Blonde" fan myself, both for Dylan and for my video collection.


if you haven't really heard much of dylan. you've got alot to your disposal.

you might want to check out one of those essential collections or greatest hits to get a feel. otherwise, just jump right in.

The Freewheelin Bob Dylan

Blood on the Tracks

The Times they are A-Changing

Blonde on Blonde

Bringing it all Back Home


thats about all i got for now.

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I was working last week, and i was talking to one of the asst. managers, Bill, and some random hot fucking 18 year old blonde walks in, skinny and sassy hot, with a yellow t shirt in white letters saying, "Blonde on Blonde"

I didnt have anything to say to anybody for at least two hours. I was fucking thrilled to be alive.

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