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ok im pissed off about the god damn radio. they said suburbia is not radio friendly well the can just come and kiss my behind because well its one of the most talented written songs on the album and is one of the most intriguing songs that band has ever done. its creative has a vibe to it and lets face it suburbia is everyone's life these days yet it aint radio friendly. instead they replace it with future is x-rated which has some chick moaning while having sex in the background how "radio frienly" is that. and i can tell you one thing a die hard mgb band should agree with me on that one

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,damn radio........and damn u mtv for corrupting the radio to begin with....


Yeah,it sucks they won't play something as musically intriguing as Suburbia....think Bohemian Rhapsody could have made it in todays radio friendly industry???Doubtful

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I say thank god they never played Suburbia on the radio. The radio has a way of playing songs to death. Even if you don't want to hear a song, somehow you always do.


Suburbia is my favorite MGB song and I love that I can only hear when I want to. Load Me Up is a good example of a great song that I kinda got sick of because I heard it way to much.


Most of the music I like doesn't get played on the radio, and for that I am greatful.

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to be completley dorky...


the truth is not radio friendly espionage


sorry, it had to be done.


yeah i dont get it, they wont play suburbia but they play slipknot...?

what is that supposed to mean?


why shouldnt they play slipknot on the radio?

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Dude, I don't even listen to radio...



I've generally found that radio stations are some of the biggest cowards in the world. It's funny that they often set uplate night shows where they won't censor shit and ass and call themselves edgy yet whenever a controversial message comes out they duck under the desk and bury the album beneath the floorboards.


The fact that they're all owned by the same conservative assholes doesn't really help.

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