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I became a fan of MGB in the summer of 2001. A little late, I guess, but whatever. I liked the music, and the more I explored it, the more I identified. Listening to MGB was a really personal experience for me.


With the solo career came changes. It took a while, but by the beginning of the White Light era (which I argue began when Matt started playing some of the new songs in the summer of 2003), I started to develop new respect for Matthew Good.


Beforehand, I liked his music, but I didn't know shit about the guy. He was just some celebrity, and I wasn't into that. Eventually, his blog came around, and I started to realize that here was someone who cared so much about the world, and was sharing his thoughts about important issues with whoever cared to read them.


It was only today that I realized that while I was a fan of this guy (musically) for years, it was only just recently that I actually respected him - and basically because of the mblog and WLRRR. It was so enlightening just to read and listen to what he had to say - cause he's never had so much to say that's really important as he does now. Which is why I hope that we'll see and hear more from him - despite recent events.

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Even since Underdogs I've respected that he seems to be a well educated guy. The inferences, references, and metaphors in his songs always told me he was more then just a musican.


As times gone on, I've actually somewhat blanded on Matt... he seems to be stuck in a loop where he's pissed off about politics, so he'll express an opinion and when people respond to it in a negative fashion, he'll get more pissed off.


I remember an article in the Georgia Strait, around Avalanche I think, when he said "I can't be pissed off all the time. Eventually a guy's got to settle down and wear sports jackets." Since then, he's kinda gone back to the angry, pissed off Matt Good, and while his passion and conviction are admirable, I personally wish he would relax again.


But yeah, I respect him, musically and ideologically.

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