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Mg Ringtones

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i used to see MG ringtones (telus) but now there is no listing for any, i never dl'd any cause they weren't any of the songs i really liked (pop radio songs i guess) so i stuck with enjoy the silence cause it has meaning for me. anyway, i was bored and was looking to see if any white light songs were on and now they have none of his stuff.

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i used to see MG ringtones (telus)

ive checked on a regular basis for well over a year, and have never seen any.



ive had to resort to such ringtones as:



Magic Stick

another one bites the dust

pulp fiction theme

the reason

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Ahh, I see what you're saying.

Today I actually tried to record a song on my phone using the voice recorder. It sounded funny.


Im a nerd.


If anybody finds a ringtone site or whatever with Matt Good songs, let me know. I would definately appreciate it.

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i remember seein carmelina for sure, but gone now. i will have to check into this data cable thing, then i will just use my own acoustic recordings and try that. also i was told that you can send stuff to load on your phone if you can find the system (email)? addy of your phone and send it, dunno.


anyway thanks everyone

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I just got a new phone and can send ringtones to it via bluetooth.

However, I can't seem to find any matthew good and/or band midis, anyone know where I can get some?

I even tried to make Running For Home with some sort of midi making program... it sounds.... decent, but I'd prefer something better.

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3gupload.com is a great site costs a few bucks a year but it is well worth it, you can put most any picture file as your bg on your phone, upload midi files, and they have ringtones and wall papers and games on there already


btw> noc could you send me those midi files that'd be awesome

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