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which cds do you have?

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Left of Normal(burned)

15 Hours on a September Thursday (burned)

Euphony (burned)




Lo-fi B-sides (burned)

Beautiful Midnight

Loser Anthems

US version of BM

Audio of Being (black, white and grey)

Avalanche (CD and vinyl)

WLR&RR(signed copy)

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Beautiful Midnight (two U.S. copies, one Canadian)

Audio of Being (white regular version and black LE)

Avalanche (LE version)

White Light Rock and Roll Review (jewel case version signed)

I've got the demos burned to disc, and look forward to buying the missing albums in my collection.

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I have all of them, but the only ones that are original copies are "Beautiful midnight" (both versions) and - hopefully, because it hasnt gotten here yet ;) - WLRRR... the other CDs (even the "History teacher" and the other EPs) are in MP3s version, that I downloaded from KaZaa

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not to brag, but:




"White Light.." - 2 copies (digipak)


"Avalanche" - 3 cd copies (1 signed), 2 vinyls


"In a world called.." - 2 single copies


"Loser Anthems" - 2 limited blue pressings, 1 regular


"Audio of Being" - 1 black, 2 white (1 signed), 2 gray


"Beautiful Midnight" - 2 Canadian (1 signed), 1 US, 1 Australian, 1 sealed promo slim-case


"Hello Timebomb" - 1 US single, 1 Australian single


"Underdogs" - 2 copies (1 signed)


"Lo-Fi B-Sides" - 1 copy (mint)


"Last of the Ghetto.." - 2 copies (1 signed)


"Raygun" - 1 signed copy


"History Teacher" - #50 of 200


"1 ticket stub 3/7/01 NYC Bowery Ballroom" - Priceless


..and I'm in the US.. My MG collection is most precious to me.. if anyone would sell me a signed copy of WLRRR, I would pay top $!



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thanks guys, I'm really not sure how much all my MG collection has cost. Over the past 9 years or so, I've just kept buying things here or there. I made some amazing Canadian & American friends that were always more than happy to help me get my hands on more MG goods.


It's really the only memorabilia I build on nowadays as I get older.. I have gotten some really rare and cool items over the years..



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i have (or had) these:


history teacher (2 discs burned)

last of the ghetto astronauts

raygun (jewel case, lost)

underdogs (lost + burned backup)

beautiful midnight (missing case)

beautiful midnight (us version)

loser anthems (limited edition - duh)

audio of being (white w/ limited edition lyric book)

avalanche (burned promo copy)

avalanche (limited edition signed)

in a world called catastrophe (retail single)

white light rock & roll review (limited edition digipak)

white light rock & roll review (signed jewel case)

many many bootlegs


i guess all i'm missing is the following:


raygun (cardboard)

lo-fi b-sides (anyone wanna sell??)

beautiful midnight (german)

beautiful midnight (australian)

hello time bomb ep (australian)

loser anthems (blue)

audio of being (black)

audio of being (grey)

avalanche (vinyl)

all the dj singles

very few bootlegs


what i have coming to me soon:


in a world called catastrophe (dj single)

beautiful midnight (us promo copy)


as for things other than cd's, i have too much to list right now. i'm tired anyway, so maybe later.

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I had to sign up to this, just to post what I've got... Unfortunately, I don't have the most impressive collection yet (thought I did though):


One my computer I have:

15 Hours On A September Thursday,



Left of Normal


I've got some live stuff (Snowjob 99 among others)


I also got some tracks off other discs:

Fated, the Molson Music Disc q

Load Me Up, Big Shinny Tunes 5

Indestructible, Big Shinny 90's

Flashdance II, web-release




Last of the Ghetto Astronauts,



Beautiful Midnight (Can)

Beautiful Midnight (US)

Hello Time Bomb (Australian Single)

Strange Days Radio Promo Disc

Loser Anthems (x2, 01068, and ...)

The Audio of Being (/w song book)


White Light Rock & Roll Review (digi)



That about covers it. I wish some of my stuff was signed (*sigh*)



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Erm..I have:



beautiful midnight

audio of being


white light rock and roll review


all of them are awesome...I wish so much that I was a fan of Matt Good sooner. Maybe I would have a more extensive collection. lol...but then I would have been the only kid in grade 2 who even listened to music...huh, that's an interesting thought.

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