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What Are Your Top Five

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alright, i realize that this is tough, but do your best



1. Suburbia

2. Strange Days

3. While We Were Hunting Rabbits

4. Everything Is Automatic

5. Load Me Up




haha, 3 from Beautiful Midnight


i didn't even realize that until now haha

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1.A long Way Down


3.Near Fastastica

4.Advertising On Police Cars




Because I'm greedy I'm listing my 6 runners-up too:


-Truffle Pigs


-Born to kill

-Pledge of Allegiance

-While We Were Hunting Rabbits

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1-Bright End of Nowhere

2-Running for Home

3-While We Were Hunting Rabbits


5-Long Way Down....


omfg...it hurts me to choose 5..I bet if I made a list tomorrow theyd all be different .......


You know the Downloading Blues song....ok holy shit that song makes me howl, Matts back up vocals are fucking hilarious ;)


(OK WAIT!! Song for the Girl....21st Century Living...House of SMoke n Mirrors....omg I cant stop........)

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i suppose it was unfair of me to ask for top five in order


lol... looking back at my own choices... they've already changed




new top five (in no particular order)


Running For Home

Lullaby Foa A New World Order

Strange Days

Everything is Automatic


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