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What Are Your Top Five

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This list isn't static, but then again what is?


5. Man of Action

4. North American for Life

3. The Inescapable Us

2. Omissions of the Omen

1. Suburbia


Honourable mention: Intermezzo: M Good vs M Trolley

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house of smoke and mirrors





just MG



empty road

waiting for the great destruction

whispering in the dark






the rat who would be king

sort of a protest song


jesus. that was bloody hard. intense pondering just occured

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1. Avalanche

2. While We Were Hunting Rabbits

3. Weapon

4. Symbolistic White Walls

5. Buffalo Seven


The first two are easy, after that pretty much everything off all 7 albums is tied.

I changed my mind.


While We Were Hunting Rabbits


Empty Road

Blue Skies Over Badlands

A Boy and his Machine Gun

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Apparitions is number one. It's tough to say that it's my favorite song by him, but I've decided that the beauty contained in that song is like no other. Hence, it wins.


But the next stuff can't be put in order:



Born To Kill

Sort Of A Protest Song



Ouch... that was much tougher than i thought it would be.

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I'm shocked that only one other person included Sort of a Protest Song in their top 5. It would be my number 1, and before I read this thread, I assumed it would be within the majority of ppl's top 5.


Hmmm that's really interesting.

honestly i cant pick a fav song bcuz everytime i listen to one in a certain mood its my favorite one haha

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one. sort of a protest song.

two. life beyond the minimum safe distance.

three. suburbia.

four. truffle pigs.

five. advertising on police cars.

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hi y'all

after hearing alert status red, i have been a non stop matt good fan!


top 5 songs, all of equal calibre, and so hard to decide from them all


Alert Status Red

Alabama Hotel Room

Man of Action

Hello Time Bomb

Generation X-Wing

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In no real order and right off the top of my head:

- Symbolistic White Walls

- Weapon (Both the Soundtrack and Album version)

- Hello Timebomb

- Buffalo Seven

- Generation X-Wing

- Pony Boy


(There's so... SO many more <sniffs>)

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