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Which Pop/punk Band Sucks More?

Which pop/punk band sucks more?  

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  1. 1. Which pop/punk band sucks more?

    • Good Charolette
    • Simple Plan
    • Yellow Card
    • Blink 182

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Its a tie between Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.

They are equally annoying and have the most meaningless lyrics imaginable.

Until I heard Simple Plan's newest single (I think its still their newset,) on the radio, I didnt think that any song was able to suck so much. It doesnt flow, its unoriginal, and if I really wanted to hear a song about someone's horrible life, I would go to a much more credible source.

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simple plan is by far the worst. cookie cutter, whiny little north american pampered media whores. 'conform, kids! it makes you happy!'


i think blink redeemed themselves somewhat with the latest album. note how i say somewhat.


order of suckage (most to least)


simple plan

good charlotte


blink 182

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I had to vote blink 182. I have always hated them and my friends used to blast their crappy songs all the time. I have not listened to anything new by them as i tend to avoid all of these bands like the plague but Blink wins for tormenting me more in the past ;)

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Good Charlotte has had my vote since their first album came out. Honestly, i can picture them getting up in the morning and putting black dye in they're hair, getting they're gothy/punkish make-up kits out and doing eachothers nails. The routine makes me sick. Nothing wrong with dressing like that, but these pretenders give anything they touch a bad name.

For just 20 dollars a year you can join they're "exclusive" fan club, definitly worth the special content. With songs like "Girls & Boys" or other ridiculously themed nonsense such as "emotionless" tearing away at my ear drums in shopping malls, clearly MG is right. Something is very wrong with the world.

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No question, Simple Plan. These guys are such phonies. They know their demographic is whiney thirteen year olds, whom 'no one understands', and they milk it. These guys should wipe my ass. Everyday. Until they die.

Good Charlotte is trying to milk the poseur goth look, and they sound pretty whiny too, but my secret shame is that I hum along to 'Predictable'...

Yellowcard should actually tie for worst with SP; I hate these guys.

I bought Dude Ranch in '97 (in Grade 7) and ever since, I have been a blink fan. I know they aren't that good, but I really like their last album. Bring on the hate if you will.

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good charlotte before:


preppy 'punk' kids


good charlotte after:


whiny, angsty, fake goth wannabes


i can't imagine how tough it must be to be a rich, 30-something entrepeneur. their parents probably make them follow rules, or something.. oh, no!

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Blink 182 pre-dates all these bands by a few years. Like them or not, they have been around a while and have a distinct sound. It's not like they're the copycats.


Good Charlotte on the other hand is possibly the worst "band" I have heard in quite some time. It must really suck to be in your late twenties/early thirties and make music that only appeals to young high school kids. What a bunch of crap GC is.

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It must really suck to be in your late twenties/early thirties and make music that only appeals to young high school kids.

You're giving them too much credit. I can name like, four highschool kids at my school who like them. SimplePlan and GC are middle school.

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