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Matthew Good

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I'd say North American for Life as well, partly cause I love the song to pieces and partly cause it would be good video material.


Although I could see a vintage type of video (with its own kind of world or story, like Apparitions or Strange Days) coming out of We're so Heavy.


But this, all of this is academic. There will be no more videos from White Light.

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i think that empty road could make a killer video.



once i get a camera, i'm gonna try to see what i can do in the film department.


i've had ideas flowing through my head, but i've always wanted to do a video for near fantastica. if you sync up movement with the peaks, levels and rythyms of that song it could be intense.

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If he made another White Light video, I'd vote for Poor Man's Grey. Otherwise I'd like to see 21st Century Living if it were even possible to pull off. Near Fantastica could make an epic short-story style video.

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House of smoke and mirrors or near fantastica would make good videos in the slower apparations and strange days fashion. We're So Heavy would make a great video in the fashion of Load me up or Anti-Pop

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