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Which MG(B) song's lyrics do you enjoy the most?

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I'll go with "Advertising on Police Cars" as having the most enjoyable lyrics, as I can listen to the song over and over again and get different meanings out of them each time. Plus, Matt's execusion of the lyrics is just amazing to listen to.

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Im loving were so heavy, avalanche (LIVE) 21st century living, advertising on police cars, cant get shot in the back if you don't run. this is only a small portion of my favourites.

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Ah yes, "21st Century Living" does have amazing lyrics. The satire in it is great, and hearing some live versions really bring out the statements he's trying to convey in it. "I'd like a supersize of death with a Coke" is still my most quoted MG/B saying.

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Yeah, it took a while to narrow it down to just one. Although I think I'll have to cheat and broaden my list to include a few (potentially dozen) more:


"North American For Life"

"In Love With a Bad Idea"

"Empty Road"

"The Rat Who Would Be King" - opening part really helped me rationalize things on the day I was preparing to go blind

"Under the Influence" - Amazing use of imagery gave me confidence that things would be okay if I had gone blind.

"the Future is X-Rated"

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Thanks, I'm glad to be here, and a part of the MG community as a whole. That whole thing was a rather...odd ordeal, and I'm far from out of the woods with it, but I'm thankful that Matt's music was the stuff that helped me get through going through it initially, and recover from the surgery as well. Sent him a PM through the Metro last year thanking him for writing music that helped me get through it all, and he awesomely replied, something I'll never forget. Also, I'll add "It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man" to my list, since it applies to things going on in my life now that rule.

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Sure. When I was born, I was four and a half months premature, given a 2% chance to live, and lesser odds to function anywhere normally should I manage to live. I was put on 100% oxygen for the rest of the four and a half months, the oxygen levels done to keep babies alive, especially premies, are now known to cause eye problems. Chief among them is a retinal detachment, which is what happened to my right eye, which had a full retinal detachment at around the end of the four and a half month oxygen period, the eye is also much smaller than the left one, which is kinda neat.


On top of doing this damage, the oxygen also did heavy damage to my left eye, which was diagnosed with a detachment when I was about two, but then wasn't diagnosed with one later. It's been theorized that this was due to my retina just popping in and out of place. This theory was given some major proof when a full-on detachment was discovered on June 27, 2002, which had never been detected in the previous decade or so.


I was given an estimate that I had until Saturday morning to see unless I had a scleral buckle surgery done, this was on a Thursday. Luckily, the doctor was able to fit me in on Friday, a day that was mainly spent by me trying to find some kind of way to get my mind off of the surgery, which I thought would never work, as I'd defied the odds so many times before. I figured that my number was up, and that wouldn't be too bad, as I got nearly 19 years out of the eye, while an infant who was getting the same surgery I was getting, but in both eyes, would be short-changed right out of the gate. I ended up having the surgery at about 11 PM on the 28th, almost two weeks to the hour since I'd graduated high school.


Luckily, the surgery went better than anyone expected, and while my sight is far worse than it was before the surgery, it's far better than it would have been without it. Having some sight beats not having any sight, and some of the imagery in many of the slower songson AoB and BM allowed me to utilize my mind's eye that day, and calmed me down instantly. While other, faster songs helped motivivate me to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible. Easily the toughest period in my life, as on top of this, I was dealing with losing people close to me, but now, even that is working out well.

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you sir are a brave man, i'm sure that in the coming years they'll find some new surgery to bring your vision back to 100% so just keep roughing it bro.


has mg/b affected anyone elses life like jay's? the music hasn't really affected me like how some of the people I've met have...

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Hehe, I'm sure that something will come down the pike. Right now, I'm looking forward to the camera-based surgery that might be able to give me sight in my right eye, something I've never had, or at least, been able to remember. I'm sure that Matt's music has affected folks in similar ways, and even if it hasn't, it's all relative. His music easily could have never affected me had I opted to not bring the CDs along with me to the hospital, or had I fallen asleep before the surgery. Dumb luck did the trick for it, if anything.

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Thanks, right now, I, and my family and eye doctors, want to wait for it to become more of a standard procedure before it's done on me. An estimate of about three years was given at one time, although those have to taken with a grain of salt due to how medical science evolves. Considering how badly things could have turned out from a premature birth, no matter what degree, I've gotten off easy thus far.

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Hehe, awesome. This response sure beats the "go blind and die" response I've gotten from others. I take as much care as humanly possible, if not for the time being, than for down the road, when the decisions I make today could affect what can or can't be done in the future. Everyone here, take care as well.

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My top 10 Matthew Good lyrics:


10. Hello Time Bomb

"Did it on Ritalin

I got me some good grades

Now I work me the night shift

Where I pull and pull and pull till it hurts

Pull and pull till it hurts"


9. She's Got A New Disguise

"what will it cost to buy you back

to buy your eyes, to buy your smile"



8. Suburbia

"there ain't nothing here at all

another month, a year that's all

so you can tell them I'm coming

and hell's coming with me


someday this place is going to burn

is your whole life in the waiting

someday their heads are going to turn and they'll realize

you're missing

we are there"


7. Every Name Is My Name

"I made a movie about the end of the world

it was 12 seconds long and it didn't have a plot

it just happens

and that's why it's in black and white"


6. Running for Home

"i close my eyes now and i scream

i turn the light on and there's nothing left redeeming

i saw your face before it changed

the gun it makes you look nicer in a bad way

so low for how high?"


5. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart

"A time of darkness

You will look absurd and you will feel it hurt

And you will go looking to blame somebody

You see I used to think that I'd get over everything

But everything just got

over me"


4. Haven't Slept in Years

"Make me your cannibal

make me your product and i will make you rich

it's still fashionable, isn't it?

all this time it's been killing you

all this time it's been caving in your head

killing you

alive, alive, alive

you're dead "


3. Near Fantastica

"Born of the sea, blink

The sea is dead"


2. Prime Time Deliverance

"And they don't call their wives

Cause the girl in the window is

Pressing her breasts

Up against the window pane

The guy they're after

On the floor below her

Is cutting cocaine

Higher than the building"


1. The War Is Over

"A man once told me that life was like a collage

he said there's nothing much to spies like us

just killing time, that's all

and there are spacecraft orbiting the earth

guided by 90 year old russians that haven't heard

the war is over, how do you feel

and how have you been baby

well she got married and she had kids

and they fear sex and not the bomb

and the rest is just ad libbed"


Wow, that took a lot of sifting through lyrics. Pretty good list eh?

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