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What Kind Of Car Do You Have

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12x300mm tubes, 9M55K 800 kilogram rockets.




I can afford to either buy a car or pay the insurance on a car - not both. ;)


At this rate my first car will be a tank.

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Pfft, no. It's a friggin Civic, I know better than to put in thousands of dollars into making it look like a racecar when it's got like 120 HP. Only thing I did was put in a CD player to replace the tape-player it came with.

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lets see, first car when i was 16, '76 buick skyhawk, lemon yellow sweet, then shortbox ford truck, then i got married and my wife couldn't drive a truck so we got her a little geo metro (new in 92, still have it cause i work in the next town and ya can't beat the mileage),a jeep cherokee, volvo sedan, dodge dakota, cutlass supreme, and now the family car is a mazda protege. this year i gotta get a new truck though, and a new mountain bike...$$$$, thank goodness for my big line o' credit

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Being a male is not nice for insurnce as i'm sure everyone knows ;).

No kidding....I've been paying over a grand for 'occasional driver' on the aforementioned minivan. :angry:

Worse than that, you can't buy a red car or a two door (the legal definition of a sports car), unless you're absolutely loaded. It's just stupid crap insurance companies use to make more money.


As for me, my "ride" is split between my parents Grand Caravan, and the Oldsmobile Intrigue we got a couple weeks ago... technically it's nobody's car, but my brother gets to drive it to school. No fair. Mom says I won't be allowed to drive it to my school next year, because my brother's school is closer. What a wank.


But one day, I'll have a Toyota Corolla sport in dark green...

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