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Rare Tapes/cd's

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Hey what would be the odds of finding a Rodchester kings tape, or some history collection stuff in a used cd store..say...in Toronto?

how rare are these things for real?


PS: anyone know if matt good is coming to barrie anytime soon?

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That's pretty crazy if that's the number.

I had bought something on ebay called the "40 song history teacehr collection" that came with some stickers, but i figure they were burned cd's.

anyway, the guy never sent them to me because he said "they ended up being illegal and he could not send them".


I wonder if that was the real thing...unlikely, but i can dream though

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If you ever found any of those old tapes you'd be a king among men!! I don't see anyone ever finding one of those... i've never even been able to find a copy of Lo Fi B sides after 5 or 6 years of looking and at least there was 2000 or so of those made!! And yes i know i could get one on ebay, but i'm not paying $200 for a 3 song cd!!

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Heck I bet someppl have even thrown them away

"Rochester kings? who the hell are they? Into the trash you go!"


That makes me so sad i may openly cry. I'm still in belief that one day I will walk into a used record store, and in a box as if layed out for me will be lo-fi, the blue version of loser anthems, and all the demo tapes for 4 dollers.

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Yeah, i was also thinking location. I mean what are the odds that one of those tapes wound up in toronto or barrie some how...NOT LIKELY. Dammit!!


Yeah i'm hooked on the hope that i will stumble upon a blue loser anthems or Rod. kings at some incognito used cd store where some old guy at the counter has never even heard of matthew good.


I've been searching hi and lo, from quebec to ontario and all i've found are LOTGA and beautiful midnight.

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